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Online marketing refers to the process of generating traffic/ exposure through online means. The Internet (the "online world") is gaining ground over the "real world" and, as this happens, marketing experts will shift their attention accordingly.

The first step in online marketing is to establish an online presence, either through a website or through a web page. Once you have established your website, the next step is to draw attention to it. This can be done in many ways:

  • Maximizing a website's search engine ranking for targeted keywords/ expressions (SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SERP).
  • Promoting a website through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.
  • Promoting a website through a pay-per-impression campaign.
  • Promoting a website through a pay-per-action campaign.
  • Article submissions, directory submissions, online press releases, and paid online reviews.
  • Promoting a website through partnerships with other similar sites or blogs. The Web is big and there is no point in being stingy and standing alone.
  • Promoting a website through services such as EntreCard. EntreCard is a promotional service mainly for blogs, although websites can also use it. It is based on the idea of exchanging business cards online. When you go on a blog, you can drop your card. That will earn you one credit. With credits, you can buy exposure on another person's blog. When you host EntreCard on your blog, people can buy exposure on there by spending credits to buy ad space. Another way to buy credits is to spend money. The EntreCard system is a good way to gain exposure on some influential blogs for free if you're patient enough to accumulate credits.

A word of advice, do not rely on only one method of marketing. Diversify. Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. You cannot leave all your hopes in the same basket. Many webmasters, for instance, make the mistake of relying on SEO to draw traffic to their sites, until the day they suddenly lose their rankings for whatever reason. Google, Yahoo, or MSN have their own agenda and you cannot take for granted that good rankings in search engines will last. Try many alternatives and see what works best for you.

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