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Blogger Buzz: 3, 2, 1, Action!

Google Algorithm Update Analysis By SEONEXT.COM

Anybody who monitors website ranking with same dynamism as SEO community notices will have observed the remarkable shifts in algorithm within two-three days. Ranking at most of search engines changes even from Thursday evening to Monday morning. Many sites rocket up into top 10 and others get dropped at same time. Many websites are on losing end of equation and some are fortunate to have sudden jumps into top positions. Adjustments in algorithm are common. After spending a weekend analyzing the results may invoke interest that can result in further twist in ranking system.

Ranking update revolves around three main areas which are domain age, back links and page rank.

Domain age

Google is currently suspiciously giving a lot of weight to the age of a domain. Age of a domain can be used as a factor in determining how strong a site or company is. Many new sites offer great information and innovative ideas. And a lot of older sites get hit in update.

Google’s purpose of using domain age as a whole is a good filter which allows it to “sandbox” sites on day one which insures that they aren’t just being launched. During “wild west days” of SEO ranking of a site was a matter just of cramming keywords into content and use of questionable methods which generate links quickly. Adding in domain delay was an excellent step which insured benefits of pumping out domains. Domain age can be used to add value to site up to a point.

After period of time, domain age had only very small influence on site’s ranking with countless factors overshadowing site’s data. During recent updates, domain age has been changing and presently holds disproportionate weight. A number of examples illustrate less qualified domains ranking higher than newer sites of higher quality.

Google works to maximize searchers experience which changes ranking algorithm accordingly.

Back links

Back links are calculated and valued with some adjustments in latest updates as well. A couple years of back Google used to have same old game for ranking which was realized as adjustments are required.

Back links are valued in a way which appears to have almost no grasp on relevancy and places importance on sheer numbers. Sites having large, unfocused reciprocal link directories are out ranking sites with less but higher relevant links. Recently non reciprocal links lost the advantages they were supposed to have over reciprocal links.

In present atmosphere, a reasonable sized site with large recip link directory can also be enough to get good ranking. But this can not stand as indefinite reason behind ranking.

Page rank

Page rank has lost of its importance which pertains to value of a back link. Google has taken this very strong and intelligent step with reducing importance of page ranks as they mean little in terms of site’s importance. Page rank is a less than perfect calculation subject with abuse and manipulation from pesky people in SEO community. It serves as a purpose and while it need to replace it seems that it have not been replaced with anything of significant value.

It is believed that page rank is being replaced or will be replaced by trust rank but Google is still not giving green signal to trust rank. Either Google is considering both trust rank and page rank as irrelevant and have decided to scrap both. Or Google has shifted some weight from page rank to trust rank up to some extent and are currently sorting out issues with trust rank calculations. Issues with trust rank are not clear as its due weight in overall algorithm is unclear and this shift from page rank to trust rank will reduce importance of page rank and will offer relevant calculations in evidence.


One can expect an update in ranking system of Google in every few days. Google is experiencing regular updates over the past few months and a current round of new update should not surprise any one. Many of other issues are gaining importance and implying them may change ranking system.

Regarding aging of domains, aging delay and sandbox is a solid filter for Google and it needs to have a maximum duration. Next updates will see changes in areas as older trust domains having slight weight. A site of 2000 will no longer be more relevant than site from 2004.

Google may have changes with back links calculated in similar way unless they decide to revert back to issues of 2003. Lower page rank with high relevancy links can once again surpass high quantity and less relevant links. Google is getting better day by day and determining relevancy of each factor. Current algorithm issues being utilized by Google has more to do with weight for different factors than inability to properly calculate link relevancy.

Google may shift back to page rank and give it importance till they find out what went wrong with their experience with trust rank.

With the update coming up round this weekend, Google will see shift back to last week results and will work on issues and launch new algorithm shift next weekend. So those web developers who have found a sudden jump from page 6 to top 3 may not celebrate so soon as soon they can experienced some drop which will panic them.

Many adjustment to Google ranking algorithm system have to be made and those who have used perfect SEO practices and have been consistent in ranking will get back to their ranks with latest update.

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