On-line Tools for SEO

On-line Tools for SEO (for more online tools for SEO help

1) Xenu Desktop Software:

This software is used for search broken link in our site.

2) Page Rank (PR) Software:

This software is displayed PR (page rank) in 1 to 10 point. How it is popular on net?

3) Link Popularity software:

This software is displayed how many links are submit on internet of our site and our competitor’s site.

4) Keyword suggestion tool: (Key word = Heart of SEO)

It will suggest keyword of most uses by user on net. And other tools for key word

Suggest and displayed its ration of using…

· Google suggestion tool

· google add words

· SEO book key word suggestion tool

· Invert.

· WordTracker tool (its pay able tool but you are used trial version for 30 days

5). Word tool: for keyword suggestion tool

This is payable tool but try to use its trial version for 30 days.

6). Search engine tool:

It is displayed rank on that keyword which is you choose.

7). (similar page checker)

If our site is copier from other site so it is find easily by tool

8). Domain state tool.

This tool is displayed all information of the site link IP address, and other important information.