How To Select Batter Keyword For Your Site KeyWord Is Most Importan Part In SEO

  • Impotents of Keyword: (Keyword = Heart of SEO)

Some sites name for popular keyword (mines which one is most uses keyword for searching)

1). Keyword suggestion tool:

2). Google suggestion tool, google adwords.)

3). SEO book key word suggestion tool:

4). Invert.



When we write one key word in this software then after it will display parsonages of its use mines how much used this keyword on search engine approximately displayed.

If our site is new then used that keyword which is rank is law, And If our site PR rank is 8 (mines very high PR) then used most popular keyword and do more work on that key word.

  • In Brief How much impotents of Keyword

Keywords are the words average people will search for to find your website. Both on-site optimization as well as off-site optimization SEO efforts starts with selecting and targeting the right keywords. It is my experience, however, that many website owners are very unrealistic about the keywords they would like to target.

For example:

“A used car exporter from Japan wanted me to get his website on the top page of Google for keywords like car, Toyota and Honda. Such keywords are too general and an average person who is looking for importing a Japanese used car will never use these keywords to search for such services. Such single word keywords also have too much competition, and are not likely to convert. It is, therefore, better to start your SEO campaign with longer, specific keyword phrases such as ‘import Japanese used car’ or ‘Japanese used car exporter UK’ - which are easier to rank well in search engines and are also likely to convert better. It makes sense to optimize each page of your website for a variety of keyword phrases. Once you start ranking well for long tail keywords, you can start a SEO campaign for shorter keyword phrases.”

There are many keyword research tools like ‘WordTracker’ available on the web. ‘Google suggest’ is a free tool from Google which you can use to find specific keyword phrases by entering your broad keyword.

  • Some Point How to search and add key word in site

· Check PR of site which you will do SEO work,

· Then check it’s link popularity,

· Suggest keyword and find how much this keyword is popular for search (find popular keyword in different tool like google suggest tool, Keyword suggestion toll, google adword and many tool available on net and

· Then find who number .1 on this keyword and show its page source (and read its SEO work) and do same in our site with some difference. Mines copy and paste with mind.

  • Some Important Tips for Key Word.

o When you choose keyword then keep in mind use this keyword in URL as a file name.

§ For example: you have choose Legal jobs and Job search keyword

So use this keyword in URL like this.

o Important keyword are put on top of the browser page

o Keep your server fast when the crawler are come in your server so it is fill “no yaar its very fast server”

o Keep the page tag compress in control in HTML for fast page lode. (for space compress use this tool

by SEO Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad